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Must-Have Chic #GirlBoss Décor

Home seems to be the new office now. Ladies, express your big ideas, and make it into a small business at the comfort of your own home. Ever wonder what a #GirlBoss office consist of? It is definitely ten times more chic and fun then you would imagine. In today’s blog post, we will feature some key pieces that are essential for your home office!

Wall Piece:
This one is a must. There are different options of wall piece that can be adapted to the office.

A bold mirror frame because a strong, fearless woman needs style that reflects her bold taste. Alternatively, a large wall canvas art to cover the whole wall also works. We recommend this if you have large wall space in the office. If the space you are working with tends to be a bit smaller, try getting letter-size wall prints, and framing it. With a few of those, depending on how big your room is, you can create a collage wall.

The design of the art pieces is definitely based off of your choosing. You can consider following a colour scheme for the room or perhaps, just a few of your favourite things. A few ideas that we love includes: big city skyline, cup of coffee, feathers, &, pineapples, watercolor splash and of course, the must have #GirlBoss and Hustlin quotes.

Another thing to add on the wall is a clock. We believe that clocks should never be boring, and since every boss lady is always super busy, having the time on the wall will ensure that things are getting done. Look for marble face with either a rose gold or gold accent wall clock. These are minimalistic pieces but are super easy to match!

On the Chair:
The chair is an important part of the room because there will be days where you are sitting all day long. First thing first is to look for a comfortable chair. This really depends on your personal comfort, some opt for plastic ones, others may like the cushioned ones.

A chair is limited to how nice it looks but if you put a cushion and a small throw blanket on it, it can be a whole new décor piece. If you can’t get enough inspirational quotes, there are plenty of options for printed inspirational messages on cushion cover. Remember when choosing your cushion, go for something that’s comfy for you, making this a practical décor piece. If you don’t need any more quotes, there are alternatives, such as, sequins, fur, patterns, or fashion art prints. As for the chair throw, a piece of small faux fur is the way to go!

On the Desk:
Whether it be a cup of coffee, tea, latte or wine, drink it out of these quaint white and gold mugs. They often come in quotes like, “Everyday I’m Hustlin” or “Boss Lady”. We recommend looking online for a huge collection of different styles.
Find a few inspirational pens which are perfect for entrepreneur minds. They often come in different quotes that will help throw some inspiration throughout the day, and not to mention they are super cute to snap an Instagram photo of too! If you don’t have a giant planner already, it is time to invest in one. There are some really detailed one in the market these days. Aside from selecting one that match your room, make sure they align with your needs as well.