We all possess dual personalities, and that’s not a bad thing. Your personality at home as a mom, wife or a girlfriend would be totally different from your disposition at your work place. There are myriad of factors that affect our confidence in work place and a few of them are workspace, co workers, the roles we have been assigned etc. Your insecurities and fears play a pivotal role in adding on to your lack of confidence. A little bit of fear and anxiety come in handy when it comes to successfully finishing your tasks but excess of them can affect your confidence and thereby your productivity. Read more about signs that tell the world of your lack of confidence and if you’re already exhibiting some of these, then lets deal with it.

The ‘Disclaimer’ monster

You might be one of those employees who has stellar ideas or newer concepts that can bring positive impact to your department or your firm but you start the sentences with statements like “correct me if I am wrong” or “I might be wrong but…..” Your colleagues do not need another reason to not believe in your ideas!! If you have a habit of making suggestions with disclaimers like these, get rid of it.

“Is it too late to say sorry?”……

You apologize way too much! Being polite goes a long way in one’s career but it can be detrimental if it’s too much. This habit can give an impression that you’re trying hard to constantly please everyone. Your feelings are equally important as your co workers’. Trying hard to earn everyone’s favor can be exhausting in the long run.

The Fear Factor

It’s high time you should be moving on from being fearful about experimenting and going out of your comfort zone. If you’re still in fear of meeting new people for work, handling a project all by yourself, or initiating a new idea then you need to work on it. Don’t let the past mistakes hinder you from being unique and fresh. And it all comes down to the point of having an extraordinary faith in yourself and in your thoughts.