We saw a huge hike in the number of women entrepreneurs in the US between 1997 and 2015- 1.5 times the national average. In this ‘time scanty’ era, most successful women entrepreneurs are reaching their full potential and goals without compromising their values or purpose. Most of these entrepreneurs either had or is planning to have their first child while kick starting a business in parallel. Here are some of the tips from popular women entrepreneurs who fetched inspiration from their domestic life and have found their path to success.

Don’t Under Estimate Mom Skills

Most of the successful business women are skillful moms. Christine Souffrant, CEO of Vendedy, puts it this way; “I’ve realized that the transition to motherhood makes you 10 times more focused and driven to get to market more effectively”. A change in perspective is the key to strike a balance between your business world and family. Rather than seeing two worlds as separate, try to see them as single, integrated experience: both feeding off each other. Jane Mitchell, co-founder and CEO of The Reset Foundation has the opinion that “if a career opportunity is right for me professionally, it’s also right for me personally and vice versa”.

Prioritizing Your Tasks Is Key

Saying yes to something means a no to something else. There are times when you have to be there for your family and times when you have to invest yourself for your business. Even though it’s a tedious task, develop a strategy that works for your partner, kids and for your work. The skill of orchestrating two worlds in itself goes a long way in becoming a successful entrepreneur or a good professional woman.  

Empowering Each Other

Women entrepreneurs must encourage each other to increase collective success. “What I have experienced myself is that women leaders attract strong female candidates, and this is great for business and for our shared mission”, says Rebecca McDonald, co founder of Liberty For All. With more than 9.1 million woman- owned businesses, the notion of ‘whether a woman could pursue a career and a family at the same time?’ is being redefined. Women are changing the way they work which will, without a doubt, bring significant surge in women-owned businesses.