Although she is surely most known for her role and work as the former First Lady and wife of the 44th President Barack Obama, Michelle will most certainly have her own legacy, separate from her husband’s. And it will be that she was the first First Lady to show women that it is ok to be everything and that all women deserve equal opportunity and choice, every and any choice. Read more
“Women’s economic empowerment” has suddenly become the talk of the town, whether that town is Antalya, Davos, or Washington. But will all of the recent high-level talk be backed up by meaningful action? And how do we ensure that actions taken are grounded in evidence? Here we explore women’s economic empowerment as a trend gaining traction and how to make sure that the trend becomes timeless. Read more
The meeting explored a worrying trend: the growing disconnect between the private sector’s investment in women, and the efforts of women’s rights organizations. Read more