About Us

We're Tackling Gender Inequalities by Donating to Charities in Support of Women's Rights to an Education! 

We at She Believed She Could recognize Women's Rights as being one continuous uphill battle. To this day, 57 million children worldwide, including 31 million girls, are out of school and two thirds of illiterate adults are women. The consequences are immeasurable - As a result, women are marginalized from society, stripped of basic human rights and limited of their true potential. We witness this in far too many cases where women are denied access to education simply because they are a girl.

To help raise awareness, we are donating to third party charities with actionable plans in support of educating women. With our She Believed Bangles it is our hope that you join us as we stand to create a global community committed to engendering equal rights for women.  

Our Company is committed to several causes we're passionate about. Thanks to our loyal following we were able to raise funds and contribute to wonderful causes!