She Believed...

"She believed she could, so she did" is a quote often heard and said around the world. This simple, yet powerful quote show the power of believing in yourself can be. Often felt like things are impossible to achieve, it is important to know that if you believe you can do it, then you are more likely to. Take the time to believe in yourself and you will achieve greatness.

By purchasing this bangle, not only are you helping women in developing countries achieve their dreams, you are also reminding yourself that even when something may seem difficult it is important to believe in yourself.

This simple yet classic silver and gold plated bracelet is the perfect symbol for the remarkable things we ladies are capable of! Gift this precious piece to someone who inspires you - or why not treat yourself! The words engraved "She believed she could so she did" is an excellent motivator to dream big! Make a statement with this bracelet by staying bold and looking classy!